Welcome to Outdoor Dangers!

UPDATE: If you somehow found this page you’re either a spambot, Google is really messed up right now, or wow on the research. All content on this site has bene moved to: Outdoor Know How. Thanks.

Welcome to Outdoor Dangers and thanks for stopping by! This is a website that is going to grow out of a passion for the outdoor lifestyle. While that might sound a bit funny considering the name of the site, there’s a good rationale behind that.

Why Focus on Outdoor Dangers?

You can read the full version on the Why Danger page of our website, and strongly encourage you to do so. But the short version is simple: being trained and prepared for the worst case scenario lets you enjoy the wild with confidence.

Less anxiety, less stress, and less nervousness means you get to enjoy yourself more. You get to be in the moment. You’re not haunted by the grey foggy “what ifs.”

That’s the main reason I don’t see discussing on potential dangers like venomous snakes, dangerous spiders, survival situations, field first aid, and animal attacks is anti-outdoors.

Understanding what can happen, what to do if it does, is an important part of being a responsible outdoorsman. The confidence from that preparation and knowledge allows you to enjoy the experience all the more, whether a relaxing vacation or a robust adventure!

Cool Outdoor Information, Too

There’s also the fact that a lot of information that falls under the category of “really cool.” Venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, the incredibly different strategies to how to deal with an overly curious or aggressive bear: these are really cool topics.

And that just scratches the surface.

These are cool topics. They’re worth looking into. They lead to a lot of even more interesting topics or questions.

I’m also amazed how often that questions that seem obvious to ask don’t have an obvious answer. Even when Googling. Before the massive 20,000 word guide I wrote on all rattlesnakes in the United States for Amazing Outdoor Adventures (now Outdoor Meta) the query “All rattlesnakes found in the U.S.” didn’t come up with a result that answered the question.

Not a single one.

That’s unbelievable to me!

So whether it’s interesting information, useful information, how-to guides, gear reviews, or anything in any of those topics, I intend to build a great website here that ya’ll will find useful, love and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Outdoor Shane

There's nothing I love more than the great outdoors, but being big on exploring, traveling, off-grid survival, and having survived venomous spider and snake bites - I'm a firm believer that you can enjoy more of the outdoors by being aware and prepared for the dangers you could find there. I'm a life long camper, hiker, angler, and explorer, as well as an Eagle Scout. I hope you enjoy this site and don't let fear keep you from exploring the natural world and all it has to offer!